Join the programme

This is a two-year leadership development programme where only the very best graduates need apply.

You'll spend two years on the policing frontline facing some of the toughest challenges London has to offer. After two years on the programme you'll have the opportunity to continue developing your career within policing or the opportunity to move on to something different - perhaps with one of our partner organisations.

Outstanding police officers can transform communities - reducing crime, increasing the public's confidence in policing and improving the life chances of those living in the most deprived communities. In short, great police officers can change lives.

But policing needs to change - we need to bring more innovation into policing; we need to change the culture of policing; and we need to ensure that the police service truly reflects the public that it serves. Could you be part of the change?

The programme will open to applicants in September 2014 with the first cohort joining our Summer Training Institute in the Summer of 2015.

If you think you might be interested, register with us now by completing this form, and when applications open we'll be in touch.